VIGIA Internet
of Things™

Introducing VIoT²™ our fully autonomous, robust, and secure telemetry solution with analytical capabilities, delivering outstanding modularity, scalability, and flexibility to the realm of management.

Smart telemetry.

Remote monitoring and intelligent advanced control.

Through IoT devices and the integration of management platforms, it conducts comprehensive monitoring of both the physical and logical infrastructure. VIoT²™ empowers your operation with seamless control.

Total transparency and absolute control.

VIoT²™ is more than a solution, it is your gateway to total control of your technological infrastructure. From constant device monitoring to absolute control of key variables such as electricity, humidity, and security, it offers you accurate data instantly. Connected to the Internet of Things, it optimizes your resources and allows you to make intelligent decisions to boost operational efficiency. Connect with the future and take your business to the next level with our leading monitoring and control solution!


Infrastructure Monitoring

We have the perfect solution for monitoring your IoT devices:
  • All electrical variables, from the main supply to backups (such as generators and batteries), as well as the circuits of each equipment.
  • Temperature and humidity control of the site.
  • Detailed monitoring of generator operation (current consumption, voltage, frequency, fuel and oil levels).
  • Monitoring of air conditioning systems, including air flows, cooling capacity and temperature.
  • Intrusion detection (openings and movements) on site.
  • Monitoring of fire protection systems.

Total Connectivity

Connecting devices with precision. Impactful information.

Our solution is designed to offer maximum modularity, scalability, and flexibility as well as autonomous, secure, and intelligent analysi, all thanks to advanced telemetry devices.


Operational or field personnel often lack real-time access to the operational parameters of the physical infrastructure, which can lead to problems that are not detected until they become evident.
Therefore, it is crucial to have minute-by-minute control over the availability, operational continuity, communications, and overall status of each device. From the electrical supply to the security of the site, including humidity, pressure and air conditioning systems, everything is under extreme control.

Custom implementation

We take care of carrying out your projects from start to finish, providing you with the logistics, the necessary support, and the right team. We understand your needs and turn them into concrete designs and plans that materialize during the integration phase, guaranteeing optimal supervision of both the physical and logical infrastructure.
  • Integration and Installation: We design, plan, and execute the deployment and installation of equipment in the right place in a specialized way.
  • Adaptation: We are with you on the ground, training your staff and transforming your operational areas to ensure a smooth transition.

Successful VIoT²™ projects and plans we developed.


VIoT²™ success stories

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