VIGIA Inventory

VIM®, our inventory management solution, offers you optimal control of all logical and physical components of your network. VIM® allows you to track tangible and intangible assets from end to end, from the moment the need arises until their full operation.

Our solution is an effective inventory manager that administers and controls all components, both logical and physical, of a network.

Your ally for inventory management.

With a series of intuitive modules, it allows you to easily load, download, and update items. It also offers geographical and logical visualizations of the network topology, along with options to plan for availability in its organic growth. Everything you need to keep your network under control.

Visualization and design.

Easily access all operational, administrative, or control information through schematic, topological, and geographic views.


Asset Management

VIM® stands out as the only platform on the market that offers pre-designed templates for each sector. This means that you can quickly implement an asset management and control solution with pre-defined and specific attributes for your technological area.

Total Tracking

With this solution, you can easily track any asset, product, or service from its inception to its implementation. This means you can see its entire history, from creation to final use, including the actions of each participant in the process.

Advanced Search

VIM® gives you the ability to quickly find the information you need, allowing you to make queries about any relevant aspect of the business, such as:
  • Administrative queries
  • Operational queries
  • Configuration
  • Assets
  • Economic information

Amazing Interface

Our interface is designed to provide users with an extremely intuitive navigation, use, and data discovery experience. In addition, it offers excellent performance when loading advanced graphics, interactive maps, and intelligent filters.



VIM® is based on an open and scalable architecture that facilitates the integration of existing components in your organization.

The advantages of our system include:

  • Integrated Information: All information is integrated in a clear manner, this decreases response times, improves decision-making, and facilitates process monitoring.
  • Real-Time Information: Get an instant view of the status of the company, without delays or wasting time.
  • Standardized Processes: VIM® helps you systematize your workflows by automating and monitoring processes.
  • Total Control of Inventory and Services: All resources, services, and inputs related to projects in one place!