Intelligent Private Virtual Assistant

VIEMY™ is an Intelligent Private Virtual Assistant (IPVA) created with the objective of centralizing data from the entire corporate environment into a single platform. This gives collaborators easy access to valuable information.

With VIEMY™ you can accelerate and unify processes, necessary for your operation.

Centralize, Manage,



Has the capacity to communicate with collaborators. VIEMY™ can answer queries related to any area within the professional domain.



Integration with all data sources including, sales, human resources, inventory as well as data bases related to the technological infrastructure of the company.



By using Natural Language Processing, VIEMY™ facilitates interactions between humans and machines, making them friendlier and more transparent.

The only Intelligent Private Virtual Assistant for internal use in the corporate environment.


Integration with Multiple Data Sources

VIEMY™ can integrate with any data base, monitoring platform, trouble ticketing or Application Programming Interface (API).


Privacy and Security

It can adapt to the rules and security protocols of your business and integrates the authentication methods already used in your current messaging platform. All data is processed locally and only users with appropriate security clearances will have access. No customer data is used in the training of VIEMY™.


Communication via Standard Messaging Platforms

VIEMY™ can be integrated to any standard messaging platform currently used by your business.


Total Adaptability

VIEMY™ is a flexible solution and can adapt to your business as it grows, changes, and integrates new technologies.


Dynamic Bidirectional Communication

VIEMY™ not only answers direct questions asked by its users, it can also send alarms, reminders and notifications of upcoming events.


Immediate and Insightful Data

Our Intelligent Private Virtual Assistant provides an advanced analytics experience. Uncover the ability to visualize crucial data with detailed tables and graphs. Make informed decisions by accessing key metrics quickly and easily, empowering the capacity to optimize and manage the digital environment.


Full Visualization in Real-Time

Through an intuitive interface and interactive cards, VIEMY™ presents key information about the operational status of all the network elements in real-time. The most useful information of metrics such as temperature, CPU usage, bandwidth, and even those obtained from IoT sensors can be queried and visualized in any device you have the virtual assistant installed.


Day to Day Effective Management

VIEMY™ contributes to better management of employees' day-to-day activities. Additionally, by incorporating the Human Resources area's platform or database, process documentation becomes more efficient, as well as the overall management of shifts and personnel, through process digitalization.

The best Collaborator for your Company

With VIEMY you’ll be able to accelerate and unify operational processes. It integrates all systems, platforms and applications that are essential to your business in one easy to use interface. Best of all, VIEMY uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to seamlessly integrate into your processes and answer questions in real time as if it were human.


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