Network Bus®

VBUS® revolutionizes the way your organization interacts with its technological infrastructure. We offer an advanced solution to filter, correlate, and integrate the logical and physical components of your network.

The best solution in the market.


With our unique set of pre-designed interfaces and connectors, we ensure seamless integration and efficient adoption. This allows your team to manage and process millions of events quickly and effectively. We not only optimize your network performance, but also improve decision-making with accurate data and real-time analytics, ensuring your technological environment reaches its full potential.

Unparalleled Integration and Unification

VBUS® not only unifies and coordinates the components of your technological infrastructure, but also takes monitoring to a new dimension. With constant vigilance, our system proactively detects any anomaly or potential failure, sending instant alerts to both the system and users for quick resolution.

But that's not all. VBUS® also has the extraordinary ability to collect crucial information and share critical data in real time. This ensures that you receive the most relevant information, facilitating quick decisions based on accurate data. With VBUS®, your organization will always be one step ahead, guaranteeing an optimal and secure technological environment.



Precise Correlation with VBUS®

With VBUS®, we take correlation to new heights with our Advanced Correlation feature. This tool is designed to meticulously analyze the importance and potential impact of every event registered in your network. What does this mean? That we evaluate each event carefully, prioritizing those that are most urgent or have a significant impact on your operations, for focused and effective management.

This advanced methodology gives you a deep and up-to-date understanding of the dynamics of your technological environment, allowing you to:

Precisely detect causal relationships between events, enabling early and precise intervention. Identify connections between devices of the same technological family to optimize compatibility and performance. Discover links between equipment from different families, promoting complete integration. Segment events by topology, geography, or hierarchy for an organized and clear view. Enrich event correlation by integrating with external databases, expanding the context and analytical precision.

With VBUS®, Advanced Correlation is not just a feature, its a promise of clarity, anticipation, and total control over your technological environment!


Stratified Message Filtering

The VIGIA Network BUS® employs a layered processing approach that enables real-time filtering based on patterns and various rules. Our intelligent processing capability identifies irrelevant messages, significantly reducing the number of events to be processed.


Smart Processing

By simultaneously applying multiple rules, we ensure that each business area receives only the messages relevant to its operations. This translates into a benefit that allows users to quickly parameterize priorities, formats, tags, classifications, filtering preferences, storage policies, and more.


Protocols and Interfaces

VBUS® comes with a default set of pre-designed interfaces and connectors that enable quick adoption, integration, and management of network-generated events. This allows for the processing of millions of events in a short time.

Below are some of the most commonly used components:


Visualization Modules

The interface has been designed with the aim of providing end users with a completely intuitive experience in terms of usage, navigation, and data discovery. It boasts an extensive array of tools, ensuring that any user can make the most of the platform without the need for extensive training.


Normalized Decoding

The event flow is standardized according to the X.733 standard of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), ensuring data integrity and avoiding compatibility issues between different software and hardware versions. This allows for the designation of custom variables, defined and constrained by the NOC.

VBUS® Architecture

The VBUS® architecture is designed to offer a complete and open solution that encompasses all devices, applications, and services in your organization, regardless of brand, manufacturer, or equipment age. Our ability to record and monitor activity in real time extends from the most modern devices to those considered obsolete, all on a single platform!

From optical equipment to communication devices, servers, firewalls, databases, power systems, and smart devices, VBUS® facilitates efficient and centralized management of all these components. It also ensures complete visibility and precise control over your technological environment, marking a radical change in the way you manage your IT infrastructure.


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