VIGIA Advanced
Algorithmic Suite®

Eliminate delays in responding to critical events and take control of your operation with our innovative solution powered by machine learning. It accurately predicts the behavior of each element and service within your network, providing you with crucial information to act proactively and precisely.

Cutting edge technology for fault prediction.

Master the power
of information.

We've crafted a solution focused on the development of sophisticated learning algorithms that accumulate experience and knowledge over time. It's adept at understanding and anticipating the present and future behaviors of all elements and services in the ecosystem. This foresight enables preemptive decision-making, ensuring readiness for any scenario.

Our solution enables you to:


Uncover hidden data

Explore and find valuable insights that were previously hidden.


Profile behaviors

Understand the trends and patterns in your data.


Predict events

Anticipate what might happen and make strategic decisions.


Perform advanced analytics

Gain deep and detailed insights from your data.

VAAS™ The Future of
Business Intelligence.

Prepare for tomorrow's success with VAAS™.
Our next-generation platform provides you with the tools you need to:


Accelerate business analytics

Gain valuable insights from your data in real time.


Guaranteed success

Make strategic decisions based on accurate and reliable data.


Scale your business

Adapt the platform to your present and future needs.

The pillars of VAAS™

  • Scalability: Efficient, compatible with diverse technologies, and capable of growing with you.

  • Reliability: Designed for high availability and security of your data.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Constantly evolving to offer you the best results.

VAAS™ offers you:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Get up-to-date information instantly.

  • Intelligent decision-making
  • Based on accurate and reliable data.

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Adapt the platform to your needs.

  • Guaranteed security
  • Protect your data with the latest technologies.

  • Constant innovation
  • Access the latest artificial intelligence features.